Captain Kirk Under Pressure!?

Kirk Cousins is under pressure on and off the field in Minnesota! What is next for the $80 million dollar man? Kirk has had an up and down season so far with the Vikings and it has some fans concerned. 

When asked about how Kirk Cousins is performing, Pro Image Sports employee Verscel said, "I think our line is to blame, he doesn't get enough time." Another Pro Image Sports employee Evan had this to say, "Kirk Cousins ain't worth that kind of money, I want a Super Bowl and I want it now!" There has been scrutiny about the offensive line, Cousins ability to sense pressure and his lack of mobility at times.

All said and done, Kirk Cousins is one of the best quarterbacks the organization has ever had and they don't seem to be giving up on the gunslinger just yet. It shall be interesting to see how the veteran QB handles the media attention, but one thing is for sure, Vikings fans will be on the edge of their seat every time he drops back to pass. 

Kirk Cousins under pressure Pro Image Sports

Kirk Cousins under pressure in Sunday Nights matchup vs the Chicago Bears

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