Get Ready for the MLB Playoffs!

We are less than a week away from the MLB playoffs, which start this Tuesday, October 4th, and we are chomping at the bit for the postseason to begin! Are you prepared for the playoffs? Here’s what our sports fan store knows so far:

The American League Wild Card Game kicks off the season, with the wild card players to be determined. As of Friday morning, September 30, there are twelve wild card contenders for both the American league and the National League. The wild card teams always add an air of unexpected excitement to the playoffs because everybody loves when the underdogs seemingly come out of left field and win.

The National League kicks off their first wild card game Wednesday, October 5, propelling baseball fans full swing into the playoff madness, leading into the World Series. The World Series begins Tuesday, October 25, so tensions run high at the end of this month with baseball rivalries.

What we do know at this point are the major contenders for each league in the playoffs. For the American League, the Texas Rangers, the Cleveland Indians, and the Boston Red Sox all have a shot at winning their division. In the National League, the Washington Nationals, the Chicago Cubs, and the Los Angeles Dodgers will battle it out with the wild card teams.

Who will make it to the World Series? Your guess is as good as ours. It doesn’t matter which teams you are rooting for; our sports team apparel store has plenty of jerseys for sale as well as other MLB gear.