Let's Talk About Cheeseheads

Last week was a quiet week for the Green Bay Packers, as they prepare for their upcoming game next week against the New York Giants. With three games under their belt so far, the Green Bay Packers won two games against the Jaguars and the Lions. However, they lost a game to their bitter rivals, the Minnesota Vikings, which was painful not only to the Packers, but to their beloved fans, the Cheeseheads. Renowned for their intense loyalty, the Cheeseheads are an interesting bunch. Let’s explore more about Cheeseheads.

Where Did the Word “Cheesehead” Originate?

A team that might possibly rival the Green Bay Packers even more than the Vikings is the Chicago Bears. In 1985, the Bears fans began making fun of the Packers fans by calling them “Cheeseheads.” In good fun, the Packers fans embraced the term, and in 1987, a devoted Cheesehead, Ralph Bruno, took the title one step further. Fashioning a cheese- shaped hat made out of foam from his mother’s couch, Bruno started a new trend amongst Cheeseheads.

They Don’t Let the Media Get Them Down

Did you know that the Green Bay Packers are in the smallest media market of the professional football, baseball, and basketball leagues in the US? The Cheeseheads don’t care; in fact, they routinely fill the Packer’s stadium, which is large enough to seat about three fourths of the Green Bay population.

Even if you are a dedicated Packers fan, you may not desire wearing a giant foam cheese- shaped hat on your head, which can be quite uncomfortable and block the view of spectators sitting behind you. Our sports fan store features lots of comfortable and more fashionable sports fan gear for all you Cheeseheads. We feature many authentic jerseys, tee shirts, baseball hats, and knitted hats, none of which feature cheese. After all, cheese is meant to be eaten, not worn.