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Sports Fan Store: What to Expect for Game Three of the World Series

Sports Fan Store: What to Expect for Game Three of the World Series

This Friday, October 28, marks game three of the 2016 MLB World Series at Wrigley Field in Chicago. For the first time in the World Series, the Cubs will finally play at their home field. Tensions will be running high tonight as the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians are currently tied with one win each. So far, both teams have experienced equally exciting and awful nights. Some might have accused Indians pitcher, Corey Kluber, of witchcraft for his magical pitching during the first game. The Cubs didn’t stand a chance against his sinkers and didn’t score a single run. Although the Cubs played terribly the first night, they managed to pull it together and destroy the Indians the following night in game two. In game two, the Cubs beat the Indians at Progressive Field 5-1, using their own brand of pitching sorcery with Jake Arrieta. With both teams playing so well and so poorly, anything could happen tonight at  Wrigley Stadium.

Bill Murray Will Be Singing!

As if the World Series weren’t exciting enough already, Bill Murray will perform “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the seventh inning stretch. Illinois native and long time Cubs fan, Bill Murray will sing at the first World Series game the Cubs have played since 1945. Although we would love it if Murray sang the National Anthem, that honor was delegated to Chicago native and Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump. Oh, well.

Will Indians Fans Bring a Goat to the Stadium?

This remains unclear. Last week, Indians fans arrived at Progressive Field in Cleveland with a pair of goats, so anything is possible.For those of you who are totally baffled right now, some superstitious folks believe that the Chicago Cubs were indeed cursed by a billy goat in 1945. Hopefully, Wrigley Field authorities will keep those goats away.

Will the Wind Affect the Game?

The Windy City forecast estimates 20 mph gusts of wind, which could result in more home runs than usual. Last year, a game at this stadium between the Cubs and the Cardinals included eight home runs because of the high winds. However, the temperature will be in the sixties, which will be much warmer than the previous games at Progressive Field.

Record High Ticket Prices

If you desire a ticket for this game, the lowest-priced ticket costs around $1,200. The fancier sorts will shell out up to $19,000 for a Game Three ticket, but we expect a fully packed stadium tonight. Sure to be a full house, we hope that local Chicago sports bars fully stocked their beer and liquor supply tonight.

With so much anticipation, we simply cannot wait for Game Three to begin! If you are hosting a World Series party at your house, be sure to stock up on snacks and beer. Do you have the Cubs sports team apparel or the Indians sports fan gear that you need? Shop our sports fan store for all of your MLB apparel today!

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