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Sports Gear Store: Tracking The Vikings Losses

Sports Gear Store: Tracking The Vikings Losses

This current football season has been incredibly emotional for the Minnesota Vikings, filled with incredible highs and crushing lows. Where do we even start? Perhaps with the loss of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, before the season even began. During practice, Bridgewater dislocated his knee and tore his ACL, seriously injuring the quarterback and removing him from the NFL for at least the remainder of the season. Not long after, star running back Adrian Peterson tore his meniscus and the Vikings lost yet another key player. Taking on Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford at the last minute, the Vikings pulled together to become one of the most powerful teams in the NFL. For five games straight, the Vikings remained undefeated, but this winning streak was not meant to last. If the Vikings lose again November 20, then they will have as many losses as wins this season.

Vikings Lose To The Eagles

Surely, this game was difficult for Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford. After all, only a few months ago, Sam Bradford was a Philadelphia Eagle. Surely, playing against his former team was nerve-wracking and put him at a disadvantage. The Eagles were the first team this season able to shut down the powerhouse Vikings defense.

Vikings Lose To The Bears

The following Vikings loss occurred at Soldier Field against the Chicago Bears. Particularly embarrassing for the Vikings, this 10-20 loss was against an NFL team not known for being all that great in the first place. What particularly stung about this loss was the fact that both the Vikings defense and offense lost to a team in which the quarterback Jay Cutler doesn’t even get along with the head coach, John Fox. This game would also prove to be the last for Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner, who shocked everyone and threw in the towel just two days later.

Vikings Lose To The Detroit Lions

Once again, the Minnesota Vikings suffer another loss at their home field, this time to the Detroit Lions 22-16. This painful game went into overtime as the two teams battled it out, and the once unbreakable Vikings defense ran into  some problems. Although the defense still played well, they did not play well enough to defeat the Lions.

Vikings Lose To The Washington Redskins

On November 13, the Vikings lost to the Washington Redskins 26-20 at FedEx Field in Maryland. The first half of the game seemed to be going well for the Vikings and they were ahead 20-14. However, the entire game took a nosedive for the Vikings after halftime. The Vikings couldn’t run the ball and missed several short-yard opportunities. Sam Bradford suffered through repeated sacks, and the Redskins won in a close game.

With such a tumultuous season, will the Vikings recover? This tough team has pulled through after losing key players, a kicker, and even their offensive coordinator. Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer still believes in his team, and so do we. If they lose against the Arizona Cardinals, our faith could falter. Now more than ever, the Vikings need your support. Our sports gear store features Sam Bradford authentic jerseys to boost the confidence of the quarterback. However, our sports gear store offers plenty of other Vikings sports fan gear as well, so check it out today.

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