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The Big Teams of the National League

The Big Teams of the National League

October is an electrifying month for our baseball fans because it starts off with the playoffs, and then it moves into the World Series. As a sports fan, you have to represent your beloved team, so do you have the gear you need? Today, our sports fan store focuses on the National League teams competing in the playoffs. Let’s start with the major contenders first:

The Washington Nationals
Do you hail from the District of Columbia, known for its hotbed of political madness? You better represent your awesome team, the Nationals! If you need a jersey, we’ve got a Bryce Harper jersey for you!

The Los Angeles Dodgers
Are you based out of the sunny silver screen town, Los Angeles? You’ll need some Dodgers gear to cheer your team on! Our sports gear store sells four different Dodger baseball hats to choose from, and we also have lanyards, banners, tee shirts, figurines, and more!

The Chicago Cubs
Last but not least, we have the Chicago Cubs, who finally have a chance at attaining a World Series victory, assuming that they beat the curse of the billy goat. One of our favorite Cubs gear is the men’s hooded sweatshirt, but that might be too warm for you if the games get intense and you break a sweat. In that case, we have an array of tee shirts for you to stay cool in!

When the National League kicks off the playoffs next week, make sure that you are wearing only the best team sportswear. Let the games begin!

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