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Vikings’ Top-2 Draft Picks Getting 1st-Team Reps for Different Reasons (

Vikings’ Top-2 Draft Picks Getting 1st-Team Reps for Different Reasons (

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer, right, introduces Mike Hughes during a news conference as the team’s selection from the first round of the NFL football draft Friday, April 27, in Eagan, Minn. (AP Photo/Andy Clayton-King)

As we continue to roll through training camp, and eventually through the last 3 preseason games, there are a few things we can now be sure of as we look at our favorite football team.

Kirk Cousins > Case Keenum

Vikings Defense > Your Defense

– Mike Zimmer really doesn’t like fighting during training camp. He doesn’t care if it’s your teammate, scrimmaging partner, or your wife on the phone; just keep the fighting away from Zim. I pushed my sister over a vacuum cleaner once when we were kids, and I was grounded for a week. I wonder what happened at Mike’s house when situations like that arose..



The consistent greatness of both our coach and his defense should continue to translate into playoff and Super Bowl-caliber NFL Football here in the Twin Cities for years to come. Most of our core (that is currently in their prime or entering it) is locked down through at least 2020. Life is pretty good in Vikings’ land right now - will it finally lead to that beloved Super Bowl team we’ve been waiting for? I’ll have more on that later this week…

For now, I want to touch on a few things that we DON’T know, as we surge toward the regular season, 2018-19.


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