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What is it About the Vikings and Packers?

 As every respectable Vikings fan knows, the rivalry between their hometown heroes and the Green Bay Packers is unmatched across the NFL. But what's behind that rivalry? Why does it exist? As a trusted source of Minnesota Vikings authentic jerseys online, we would simply state that it just needs to. But maybe you're looking for something more comprehensive than that.

Funny thing is, ask any Green Bay fan about their rivals and they are more likely to name the Chicago Bears; ask Vikings fans, however, and they're much more likely to point their purple and gold painted fingers at the Packers. It seems to many, that more Vikings fans keep the rivalry heated than do Packers fans. But then, more people want the Packers to lose across the league anyway..... so there's that.

Regardless, the rivalry can't be denied. Since the Vikings first joined the league, regional proximity, win/loss records and history have all contributed to one of the most heated rivalries that the NFL has seen. Add to that the fact that many Minnesota natives never had a hometown team to root for before 1961, when the Vikings joined the league, making the older population of Minneapolis and St. Paul die-hard Packer fans. Splitting up the twins so to speak.

Adding to the sneer-provoking friction is Brett Favre's betrayal. After an early retirement in 2008, Favre expressed his wish to return to the NFL and, after some feuding with Packer's management, announced his desire to play for the Vikings. Fueling the rivalry fire, the Packers filed tampering charges, which later failed but ended with Favre playing for the New York Jets for a year. After the season, he retired again only to come out of retirement to quarterback for the Vikings without issue for the 2009/2010 season. But Packers’ fans would never forgive him for jumping across that metaphorical line of scrimmage.

With no signs of the rivalry diminishing, the new season, and a much more competitive Vikings team should bring about some interesting meetups between the two teams. Whether you sport Viking Horns or a cheese wedge hat, you'll be sure to be caught up in the madness.




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