Why Autumn Rocks

If you're anything like us, fall is definitely your favorite season. Don't get us wrong but honestly, as an online sports clothing store, we couldn't care less about the changing color of the leaves, flannel clothing or pumpkin spice anything. We really don't even look forward all that much to Halloween to tell you the truth. Seriously, why should we? When there is so much going on in the sports world. After all, which would you rather experience: the crunching of fallen leaves under foot, or the crunching of giant lineman at the line of scrimmage. For most football fans, there is no contest.

For Vikings fans, the attraction of the season all starts on the gridiron. With their season opener taking place on this Sunday, the 11th in Nashville, we'll be off to a gritty start. Which will only prepare them for the showdown between our Vikings and the Green Bay Packers. What better way to ignite US Bank Stadium this September than to battle it out with our biggest rival? Oh yeah. You could almost smell the testosterone in the air. 

And how 'bout them Twins? Yeah, ok ... sorry. But c'mon, they may be last in the AL Central but they still deserve some love. But to distract you from just how bad our boys of summer have gotten, we offer you the best in baseball with MLB playoffs getting underway in October. 

Finally, and gloriously, the start to the 2016/17 NBA season begins at the end of October. The Target Center comes alive with Timberwolves' basketball on November 1st.  

So, get your head out of the trees, put away the pumpkin spice latte and don whatever flannel gear you see fit. Better yet, find your favorite authentic jersey, throw that on and show support for all of Minnesota's amazing sports teams.