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Curses Aren’t Real, Or Are They?!

Curses Aren’t Real, Or Are They?!

It wasn’t meant to be this past October with the Twins being swept by the Yankees 3 games to zilch in the ALDS. It wasn’t meant to be has now been the headline of 13 straight playoff defeats at the mercy of the boys from the Bronx.


Now that it is unlucky number 13, it reinforces the fact that it truly is a curse, and CURSES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN (for the better of society, and more importantly Twins Territory).


If the curse is going to be lifted two things are often brought up: hit more homeruns and have better starting pitching. Although this is true, this is a lot harder than it looks against a team that has a payroll that equates to celebrity status.


The true way we will ultimately lift this curse is keeping the core of the 2019 Twins together; the most winning regular season team since 1965, the team with the most regular season home runs in MLB history: the Bomba Squad. It is worth noting that the 307 record home runs beat out a close second of 306 from our friends in New York.


The top 5 bomba hitting Twins return from 2019…


Nelson Cruz 41
Max Kepler 36
Miguel Sanó 34
Edddie Rosario 32
Mitch Garver 31


Also returning…


Jorge Polanco 22

Marwin Gonzalez 15

Byron Buxton 10


That is 221 bombas back in the lineup with unreal potential to repeat those historic numbers. This core shows potential individually and as a team, the clubhouse has that feel of the World Series teams of 1987 and 1991. These Twins for the most part haven’t been apart of the curse but they got thrown into it in 2019 and that is all they need for motivation in the coming years.


Keeping this core together was a step in the right direction and the definitive reason that this group of players are meant to break the curse.


Oh yeah, and 1 more thing. They also signed former MVP Josh Donaldson who hit 37 home runs for the Braves last season. So looks like the plan for breaking the curse is to outscore them... let’s hope it works!

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