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Madden 18 Is Almost Here!

Madden 18 Is Almost Here!

Get ready, virtual footballers... Madden 18 is almost here!

Set to release later this month (August 25th), sports gamers everywhere anxiously await the release of the latest edition in the John Madden video game series, Madden 18.  Developed by EA Sports, this title brings an insane amount of anticipation to the video game community as they generally include new rosters, rookie players that recently got drafted, and tons of new gameplay features that build on the overall presentation of the game from the previous years.  One of the biggest ways to build excitement and create conversation prior to the release date, is revealing the overall ratings of the best players in the league.

The ever-heralded 99 overall rating.  This rating is saved for only the best of the best.  On a yearly basis, Madden gives ratings based on player performance from the previous year.  It is customary to save 99 for the few that deserve it yearly.  As you can imagine, this creates plenty of conversation (much in the argumentative form) over which player deserves what rating.  Here are the 99 overall players for this year's edition:

Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots (cover athlete)

Aaron Donald, DE, Los Angeles Rams

Von Miller, OLB, Denver Broncos

As you can see, EA Sports is very selective on who they give out the 99 overall player rating to!  Players like Aaron Rodgers, Julio Jones, Luke Kuechly, J.J. Watt and Rob Gronkowski all came close with a very respectable 98 overall rating.  Did EA Sports get it right this year?

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