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NHL Conference Finals Set!

NHL Conference Finals Set!

The NHL playoffs are coming closer and closer to crowing a new Stanley Cup Champion. The conference finals are set and ready to begin. In the west we have the Winnipeg Jets playing the Vegas Golden Knights and in the east we have the Tampa Bay Lightning facing off with the Washington Capitals

Washington Capitals Celebrate Conference Finals Birth Pro Image Sports at MOA

Washington Capitals celebrate Game 6 overtime win vs Pittsburgh (above)

The conference finals matchup's are both set to be good ones. New teams makes for a new and exciting atmosphere. The Capitals have not made it to the conference finals in 20 years, the (new) Jets have not won a playoff game in their history until this year and the Vegas Golden Knights were not even existent last year. Many experts had Tampa Bay in the Finals before the year even started so it is no shock that they are here but no one predicted Vegas to make the playoffs let alone make it to the conference finals. The Capitals have never won more the two playoff rounds in a season as long as Alex Ovechkin has been a member of the team and the Jets although were predicted to do well, their goal-tending was suspect coming into the season. All these teams have had great year and no one should be surprised by what they can do now. 

Winnipeg Jets Celebrate Conference Finals Birth Pro Image Sports at Mall of America

Winnipeg Jets celebrate after game 7 victory Thursday night in Nashville (above)

The Golden Knights are built off of speed, the Capitals are built off of grit and goal scoring, the Jets are built of skill up front and the Lightning are built by superstar power up front. Every team has a chance to bring home the cup, this should make for one of the most exciting finishes in Stanley Cup Playoff history. Tune in on the networks of NBC!

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