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Sport Fan Store: Leading up to the Final 2016 World Series Game

Sport Fan Store: Leading up to the Final 2016 World Series Game

Filled with tensions and high hopes, the 2016 World Series has yet to crown a winner. In the first game at Progressive Field, the Cleveland Indians destroyed the Cubs 6-0. Scrappy as ever, the Chicago Cubs came back the following night to defeat the Indians 5-1. At this point in the series, it seemed as if anything could happen. After all, the fact that either the Cubs or the Indians have a real shot at winning the World Series is astonishing in itself. The last time the Indians won a World Series pennant was in 1948, but the MLB championship title has eluded the Cubs even longer. The Cubs last World Series victory occurred in 1908, which was more than a century ago.

Game Three at Wrigley Field

In Game Three, the World Series moved from Progressive Field in Cleveland to Chicago’s Wrigley Field. For the first time since 1945, the Cubs played a World Series game at their home field. Unfortunately for the Cubs, they lost 1-0 to the Indians in a rather unexciting game.

Game Four at Wrigley Field

Game four proved to be another stinker for the Cubs, with the Indians winning 7-2. Once again, Indians pitcher Corey Kluber brought home the bacon. Although his pitching was not as flawless as game one of the World Series, he certainly did not disappoint.

Game Five at Wrigley Field

With a history of pulling through following defeat in both playoff and World Series games, the Cubs rallied hard at their home field. With three losses to the Indians in the series, the championship was on the line for Chicago. One of the most notable moments of the game occurred when Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward literally climbed the wall to catch a ball.

Game Six at Progressive Field

With the championship title at stake, the Cubs lit up Progressive Field on Tuesday, much to Cleveland’s dismay. Starting off strong and finishing even better, the Cubs defeated the Indians. In the first inning, the Cubs were just warming up with three runs. However, in the third inning, Addison Russell of the Cubs made history when he hit a grand slam. Russell is the first player to hit a grand slam in the World Series in 11 years, and the guy is only twenty-two years old! Only Yankees player Micky Mantle was younger than Russell when he hit a Grand Slam in 1953 when he was just twenty-one years old.

Game 7 To Be Determined

Cleveland hosts the final game of the World Series, which will determine the 2016 winners. Will Corey Kluber lead the Indians to victory for the first time in 68 years? Without a doubt, the Indians possess an amazing bullpen, and they’ve proven to be a force to be reckoned with. However, the Cubs have repeatedly pulled through just as spectators started to lose hope throughout postseason.

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