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Sports Clothing Store: World Series Game 2

Sports Clothing Store: World Series Game 2

Holy moly, have you been watching the MLB World Series? To say that the past two games have been killer sporting events would be an understatement. No doubt about it; both the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians have been stepping up to the plate. It’s not just the Cleveland and Chicago fans, but baseball fans throughout the entire country who are taking notice. In fact, World Series ratings so far are higher than they’ve been in years. The reason the 2016 World Series is so exciting is that it features two teams with a history of strife and struggle.If you are into myth and folklore, you might believe that the Cubs are cursed by a billy goat. You might even believe that the Cleveland Indians are hexed with a curse of their own, thanks to a trade-happy team manager of yesteryear. Which ill-fated team will win the series? Only time will tell.

Game 1

In our last baseball blog, we discussed Game 1 of the World Series at Progressive Field. This game went so well for the Indians that it almost seemed unreal. Indians pitcher Corey Kluber clobbered the Cubs with his pitches, setting a new record for the most strikeouts in three innings in a World Series game. Baffled by his fancy pitches, the Cubs couldn’t get a single run in the entire night. Indians pitcher Roberto Perez hit not one but two home runs in Game 1, which excited Indians fans even more. All in all, Game 1 was a real stinker for the Cubs, but the Cleveland Nation played one of their best games ever.

Game 2

Starting an hour early due to a rainy forecast, Game 2 of the World Series occurred once again at Progressive Field in Cleveland. It seemed as if the Indians had a great advantage; they played a fantastic game the night before, and they were playing on their home turf. Loyal Cleveland fans filled the stadium to show their support, which the Indians would definitely need.

Crowds of loyal Cubs fans traveled to Cleveland this cold, dreary night to cheer their team on, and the Cubs responded accordingly. Undaunted by the previous night’s crushing defeat, the Cubs started strong in Game 2. If Corey Kluber was the star pitcher for game 1, then Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta brought home the bacon last night. Despite the chilly weather, Arrieta pitched a consistently excellent game the entire night.

Perhaps the most exciting victory last night was not just for the Cubs but for the Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber. Just three days into the season, Schwarber tore several ligaments in his knee. Absent from the Cubs games for the rest of the season, Schwarber made an unexpected return to play in the World Series. Schwarber returned with a bang, racking in RBI singles and helping the Cubs win Game 2.

With both teams even, tensions run high at this point in the World Series. The next game occurs Friday night at Wrigley Field. Do you have the team sportswear you need to cheer on your favorite team? Our sports clothing store features sports team apparel for both the Cubs and the Indians, so we’ve got you covered.

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