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Sports Gear Stores: The Minnesota Timberwolves

Sports Gear Stores: The Minnesota Timberwolves

The end of October includes Halloween, the MLB playoffs, the MLB World Series and the beginning of the NBA season. The first game of the season occurred in Cleveland, Ohio between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Knicks. Here in Minnesota, the Timberwolves hold lots of promise, and we can’t wait to watch the season unfold.

Tom Thibodeau

The new season begins with the newest Timberwolves coach, Tom Thibodeau. With an impressive resume, including coaching the men’s basketball Team USA in the 2016 Olympics, the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls. However, to some in the sports world, Thibodeau remains an intense and controversial figure. In 2015, the Chicago Bulls fired him after he repeatedly butted heads with the front office. Under the direction of Thibodeau, his players have played long, hard stretches, resulting in injuries. Although Thibodeau is open to criticism, he sticks to his guns. In fact, Thibodeau called his own team out after losing to the Sacramento Kings 103-106, challenging them to toughen up.

Thibodeau’s coaching style is as intense as his personality, which a steadfast attention to details. Slacking off simply does not exist in Thibodeau’s world, and the Wolves could benefit from his disciplinarian approach. Despite his intensity, Thibodeau has been described as a player’s coach. Although he is demanding of his players, Thibodeau sets his players up for success when they prove to work hard.

How Will The Timberwolves Fare Under Thibodeau’s Direction?

With only two games into the season, it’s too soon to tell what the Timberwolves are capable of achieving. So far, the team’s three-point shooting continues to evolve, and Thibodeau encourages them to take their skills to the next level. One of Thibodeau’s goals is for the Wolves to shoot more three-pointers in addition to strengthening their overall skills.

Excitement Surrounding the Timberwolves

The addition of a new coach is not the only reason that the Timberwolves show promise. With an impressive lineup, the Wolves feature a roster of young, gifted talent. Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns have both received Kia Rookie of the Year Awards. Additionally, Kris Dunn was picked as the 2016 draft class Rookie of the Year.

Shabazz Muhammad

Timberwolves forward Shabazz Muhammad loves playing for the Timberwolves so much that he’s currently trying to negotiate a contract to stay. Certainly a strong player, Muhammad displays excellent shooting skills as well as high speed and energy. However, if things do not go his way, Muhammed will be a free agent this summer. What better motivation is there to shoot for your best game ever?

Ricky Rubio

Veteran team member Ricky Rubio sprained his elbow playing against the Sacramento Kings, and nobody knows yet when he will return. With strong leadership skills and defensive strength, Rubio will be missed. However, rookie Kris Dunn is working hard to fill his shoes as Rubio recovers.

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