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The Greatest Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver is...

The Greatest Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver is...

RANDY MOSS!! That's what you're thinking right now. You saw the title of this article and clicked to see Randy Moss as the answer, right? And if the topic was to talk about who the best wide receiver to ever play for the Vikings was it would most certainly be Randy. However, that's not what we are here for. We are talking about the best all-time Minnesota Vikings wide receiver... and it's Cris Carter.

Cris Carter came to Minnesota after being cut by the Eagles for his off the field issues. He was fortunate enough to be given a second chance in Minnesota. He got clean and sober and repaid the Vikings over the next 12 seasons by becoming the teams all-time leading receiver in receptions (1004), rec yards (12,383), and touchdowns (110)! Chris Berman nicknamed him "All He Does Is Catch Touchdowns" and he was voted #1 on NFL Networks Top Ten Greatest Hands. Pretty damn impressive!

In 1998, Carter became teammates with Randy Moss, who fell to the Vikings in the draft for his own off the field issues. Carter took Moss under his wing and together they become one of greatest, if not the greatest, wide receiver duos of all-time. (Probably only Rice and T.O. compare statistically)

The argument for Randy of course is that he is second to Carter in all of the previously mentioned stat categories and he played less games as a Viking. But that's my point, he wasn't here as long and both of his departures were messy. He played almost as many games away from Minnesota as he did with them. Randy went on to have some success in Oakland before teaming up with Tom Brady in New England for just over 3 years. In 2007 he put together maybe the greatest receiving year of all time scoring 23 TDs, but not here in Minnesota. I consider Randy Moss to be the most talented Vikings receiver ever to play, but not the greatest.

Cris Carter is often the 2nd receiver people think of for the Vikes. Depending on the fans age maybe he's even 3rd or 4th behind Adam Thielen and the recently departed Stefon Diggs. But now you see why maybe he should be the 1st when it comes to the great debate, Who truly is the Minnesota Vikings greatest wide receiver! 

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