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The Vikings traded Stefon Diggs to Buffalo for a 1st round pick and more.

The NFL Doesn't Slow Down For The Coronavirus

In the past week we have witnessed what may be the darkest days in American sports history. The Coronavirus has completely changed the meaning of March Madness, putting a stop to every possible sporting event that exists right now. Well everything except the NFL signing period. In the past couple days the NFL has given us something to focus on while quarantined in our homes, star players on the move! Now of course nothing is official until names are signed and physicals are passed and that will be delayed a bit because of COVID-19. So lets just assume that all of these deals go through with no issues and focus on a few key acquisitions...   
The Arizona Cardinals rob the Houston Texans! 
In a shocker right before free agency, The Cardinals acquired Pro Bowl Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins (and a late round pick) from the Texans in exchange for talented but often injured RB David Johnson and a pick in this years and next years draft. Kyler Murray is now the happiest QB in the NFL. While most NFL experts and fans were shocked that a team could trade for Hopkins by only giving up 2 non 1st round draft picks AND unload Johnson's overpriced salary, I am not. This is sports karma to Houston for the Astros cheating their way to a World Series!
Vikings Trade Diggs to the Bills
It was no secret this past year that Stefon Diggs was not happy in Minnesota. He did not seem to have a good relationship with QB Kirk Cousins who had a tendency to favor fellow wide receiver Adam Thielen, when healthy, over him. With the ball in his hands, Diggs is very dangerous but when he wasn't getting the ball he let the world see the frustration on the sidelines. The team had said over and over again that they would not trade Diggs but things changed when he took to social media (Again) to express his thoughts when it was announced Cousins would get a hefty extension. Later that night, Diggs was traded to the Buffalo Bills. It seemed a little sad, until I heard a 1st round pick and 3 other picks were included! Now think about this, Houston didn't even get a 1st round pick for Hopkins, arguably the best receiver in the game! Nice going Slick Rick Spielman. Diggs will always be remember for the greatest play in Vikings history, The Minnesota Miracle and I will always love him for that. I wish him the best of luck in Buffalo, but I won't be surprised if that frustration comes back once he realizes that Josh Allen is not an upgrade from Kirk Cousins... at least not yet.
Tom Brady To Tampa Bay
This one is going to be very weird to see come next season. We all knew (Except Patriots Fans) Brady would not return to New England but the Bucs just sounds wrong... Until you think about it. $30 million to play in Florida during the fall/ winter or stay in New England for less. Florida truly is the place where people go to retire. Congrats Tom, your salary is a little bit closer to Gisele's!
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