The Rise of the Vikings Defense

Without a doubt this year, the Minnesota Vikings show no mercy for their opponents, and no great quarterback is too great for this defense. Even Cam Newton struggled against the Vikings defense, which shows a remarkable turnaround in just two years after Mike Zimmer became the new head coach. In an incredible leap of faith, Mike Zimmer took on the last ranking team in the NFL and transformed the team into the powerhouse that it is today. What exactly is the Mike Zimmer’s defensive strategy? There is no one answer, but the Vikings defense seems to totally obliterate the offense.

Their Combination of Players

The Vikings hired several young, promising players and provided them multiple year contracts during the peak of their careers. Under the guidance of Mike Zimmer, talented players such as Harrison Smith thrive and grow into even better players.

Mike Zimmer’s Strategies

When Mike Zimmer entered the picture, he transformed the operational strategies of the defense from the ground up. Not only did he start with changing the lineup of the coaches, but he also switched up the overall defensive scheme. The new coaching staff emphasizes technique over turnovers. Despite the amazing progress of the Vikings defense, Zimmer still continues to build upon their skill sets because he believes that they have an even higher potential.

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