The Vikings Defense: A Winning Combination

When Mike Zimmer took on the Minnesota Vikings as a head coach in 2014, the team ranked last in the NFL points wise.  However, the 2016 season displays the Vikings in a completely different light, thanks to the hard work and no nonsense approach of Zimmer.  What makes the Minnesota Vikings such a strong team?  The answer lies in their stellar and effective defense; the last two games are the proof in the pudding.

The Minnesota Vikings vs. The Carolina Panthers

This monumental game, played September 25, caught the attention of the entire NFL, because it was the first home game the Carolina Panthers lost in almost 2 years.  The Carolina Panthers, one of the top ranked teams in the NFL with a 14 game winning streak, started the game strong, scoring 10 points in the first ten minutes.  Unfortunately for North Carolina, their victorious streak took a nosedive the remainder of the game.

Granted, Cam Newton appeared to minorly injure his ankle when Linval Joseph took him down, affecting the rest of the quarterback’s game. The Vikings proceeded to take down Newton 7 more times throughout the game, and they intercepted Newton 3 times. The Panthers never caught back up, with the Vikings winning 22- 10, despite the absence of Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson.

Just one week earlier, in a closer game, the Vikings beat their rivals, the Green Bay Packers, 17- 14. An excellent defense, combined with great teamwork overall, propelled the Vikings to victory. Will the Vikings keep up the good work? Will the Carolina Panthers recover from their crushing loss?

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