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Why Do People Hate the Yankees So Much: Part One

Why Do People Hate the Yankees So Much: Part One

Many MLB fans breathed a collective sigh of relief Sunday when the Orioles defeated the New York Yankees, eliminating the Yankees as wild card players in the 2016 MLB playoffs. If you are a baseball fan, you are most likely aware of the fact that the New York Yankees are the most hated team in the MLB, and you might even hate them, too. The Yankees could quite possibly be the most hated sports team ever, so let’s explore why:

They Buy All the Best Players

In 2016, the Yankees spent over $230 million on their players, so they are able to buy the best players in the league. The Red Sox have the next highest budget in the MLB, and their budget is still $45 million less than the Yankees. This huge budget grants the Yankees an unfair advantage over the rest of the league.

The Steinbrenners

In 2010, Time magazine named the then Yankees owner,George Steinbrenner, as “the most hated man in baseball.” After his passing, his sons, Hal and Hank, not only inherited the Yankees team ownership, they inherited the wrath of the MLB. In many people’s imaginations, the Steinbrenners are money grubbing jerks, but it remains unclear if they are truly as awful as their reputation.

Everybody Likes Underdogs, Which Automatically Disqualifies the Yankees

Because the Yankees buy the best players, they constantly win, trampling all over the smaller budget teams. Not only that, the average ticket price at the Yankee Field is $52, so Yankees fans pay way more than other team fans to watch their team defeat others.

These are just a few reasons why the Yankees are so disliked, but if you are still not swayed, our sports fan store sells Yankees gear as well. We feature authentic jerseys, including the famed pinstripe jerseys. We offer Yankees hats, tee shirts, and so much more!
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