Will the Warriors Stay Golden?

Sports fans love October for many reasons: the MLB playoffs occur, the World Series starts, football season is in full swing, and the NBA season begins!  The NBA season begins October 25 in Cleveland, with the Cavaliers playing against the New York Knicks.  NBA teams currently are participating in their preseason games, which is not yet looking so great for the Golden State Warriors.

Will the Golden State Warriors Stay Golden?

Despite suffering a recent preseason loss, we think that the Golden State Warriors will be just fine. After all, Kevin Durant recently joined the team, and he’s considered by many to be one of the best offensive players in the NBA. Enough said.

Kevin Durant isn’t the only standout player; Stephen Curry is also considered one of the current NBA greats. Known as one of the hardest working players in the NBA, Curry has paid his dues. As a result of his injuries earlier in his career, Curry committed himself to one of the most grueling, intensive training programs to prevent future injuries and to improve his performance.

The rest of the team consists of excellent players with strong character as well. Golden State is renowned for its excellent selection process during the drafts. Not only do they pick the best players, they develop each team player’s talent throughout each season.

The Warriors are known for being a tight-knit team, both on and off the court. They work well together on the court because they’re having so much fun, and it shows. This close-knit team stays out of trouble as well. Warriors never make the news with their off court antics, which is refreshing in the sports world.

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