The Purple People Eaters Chomp Away at the Houston Texans

Even after losing their quarterback and star running back to injury, the Minnesota Vikings are the only undefeated NFL team this season! Under the fantastic guidance of head coach Mike Zimmer, the Minnesota Vikings are on fire, defeating the Titans, the Packers, the Panthers, the Giants, and the Texans. In fact, the Vikings are so on point that they even make good teams look terrible! Let’s talk about the Houston Texans game on October 9.

As mentioned several times before, the Minnesota Vikings defense is a force to be reckoned with, flustering some of the best quarterbacks, including Cam Newton. Aware of this untouchable defense, the Houston Texans’ offense stepped it up to no avail, with Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler flailing on the field.

Speaking of quarterbacks, Sam Bradford is evolving into one heck of a quarterback for the Vikings. When Teddy Bridgewater injured himself during a practice session last summer, the Vikings quickly brought on Sam Bradford to replace him. With an indestructible defense behind him, Sam Bradford is growing more comfortable as a quarterback and making some huge strides as a player. It’s difficult to believe that Bradford joined the Vikings as late as September, having to learn the playbook and everything else about his new team as quickly as humanly possible.

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