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Why Do People Hate the Yankees so Much: Part Two

Why Do People Hate the Yankees so Much: Part Two

As noted earlier, many baseball fans hate the New York Yankees, and we explored some of the reasons behind the hate.  However, we only scratched the surface of the  reasons behind the most hated team in baseball. Just ask the Red Sox, or perhaps the Mariners, and you will most certainly gain a greater understanding behind the wave of Yankees disdain.

The Fans

Yankees fans are known in some circles as some of the most obnoxious, entitled, and arrogant heckling fans in the league. To be fair, Yankees fans most likely feel the exact same way about their mortal enemies, the Boston Red Sox fans.

The Seating Prices

Purchasing a decent seat at the behemoth Yankees stadium starts around $375, so some people may never afford to attend a game. Living in New York is expensive enough, so why do Yankees seating prices have to add to the financial stress of city dwelling? If you are crazy enough to drive to the Yankees Stadium, expect to pay upwards of $35 to park in the official parking lot. Yikes!

They Just Win Too Much

Winning the World Series 27 times induces the wrath of many other sports fans, especially considering that the Yankees buy out all the greatest baseball players. Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Lou Gehrig include some of the legendary Yankee players. However, considering that the Yankees failed to make the playoffs this year, perhaps people are cutting the team some slack, at least for now.

Their Amount of Media Coverage

During baseball season, it’s hard not to notice the huge amount of media coverage showered upon the Yankees, much to the dismay of pretty much any other baseball team in the MLB.

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