Welcome Back, Purple People Eaters

Last night the Vikings defeated yet another NFC team at the U.S. Bank Stadium, winning every game this season so far. For the Vikings, the season began on shaky ground, with quarterback Teddy Bridgewater out with a knee injury and then star running back Adrian Peterson also out with a torn meniscus. However, under the superior guidance of head coach Mike Zimmer, the Vikings overcame these challenging circumstances to defeat the Titans, the Packers, the Panthers, and now the Giants. Yes, the Purple People Eaters are back with a vengeance.

As mentioned earlier, the Giants quarterback Eli Manning struggled against the Vikings for years, and last night’s game was no exception. Once again, the solid Vikings defense shut the opposing team down, granting the Giants only 10 points the entire game. Many fans are comparing the strong Vikings defense to the Vikings defense of the 1960s and 1970s, which were lovingly titled, “The Purple People Eaters.”

Head coach Mike Zimmer greatly emphasizes creating a strong defense in the Vikings strategy, which proves time and time again to be effective. So far this season, the defense defeated three quarterbacks that either participated in a Super Bowl or won in a Super Bowl. Last week, the Vikings defeated the Carolina Panthers, causing the Panthers to lose their first home game in almost two years.

This Sunday, the Vikings face off against the Houston Texans. Will the Purple People Eaters have a banquet October ninth in the lone star state? More importantly, will you be wearing the right team sportswear for this game? Our sports clothing store features all the Vikings gear you need, including authentic jerseys, hats, tee shirts, and other sports fan gear.